Our Chocolate boxes are well packed and padded so that your chocolate arrives at your doorstep in the same excellent condition it left our kitchen.

We highly recommend shipping to an address where someone will be able to receive the package when delivered. Chocolate left outside your home all day may be damaged by weather that is too hot, cold, rainy or humid. If you are shipping to someone's home and they will be at work during the day, may we suggest shipping the chocolate to the recipient at their office.

If it will be warmer than 85 degrees at your shipping destination we ask that you please call us (360) 298-8093  to arrange for shipping your package.

There are some locations that we are unable to ship to during the chocolate melting months of June, July and August.  These are places that predictably spend most of the summer months at temperatures above 85 degrees where even with our warm weather packaging, including ice, a box of chocolates is not likely to arrive as the gift you had intended.  We hope that you will consider postponing your chocolate shipment until the weather becomes more chocolate friendly.    

There is a “comments” box on the order page.  Please use this space to make any special requests about the contents of your chocolate box or to include a special note on a gift card that will ship with your chocolates.  If you do not include a special note here the card will read “a gift for you from…(your name goes here).”

We ask that you provide an e-mail address for the recipient of your chocolate box so that we can notify them that a gift of chocolates is en-route.  This way they can be aware to watch for a package that they will want to bring inside out of the elements. We promise not to give away the secret of who their package is a gift from.

We do our best to ship packages within 24 hours of your online order.  To ensure the freshness of your chocolates however, we do not ship over the weekend.  Therefore, orders placed Wednesday by 5PM will only ship the following day if they are going to the Seattle or Portland area where they will arrive before the weekend.  Orders placed Wednesday after 5PM  going to destinations other than the Seattle or Portland areas will ship the following Monday.

Packages are delivered via USPO Priority Mail and will arrive at their destination within 2-3 days. USPO Priority Mail is not a 2nd day guarantee.  If you need to have expedited shipping with  a 2nd day guarantee please contact us @  ( 360.298.8093) to arrange for shipping your package.  If you would like to have tracking information sent to you please let us know by leaving a note in the “comments” box on the order page.  Please be aware that USPO Priority tracking will only confirm delivery and does not provide en-route information. 


We will ship to Alaska and Hawaii but ask that you call us to arrange shipping outside the continental US.